Catholic Relief Services

Mother's Day Gifts of Hope

Shop life-changing Mother's Day gifts and give hope to moms, expecting moms, and children around the world. Give the gift of infant vaccines, hearing aids, prevention kits, and more. See how you can help.

Another way to think outside the chocolate box this Mother's Day is to give the gift of a household garden.  Join Catholic Relief Services' efforts to provide 10 household gardens for 10 families in need. Household gardens provide important nutritional variety for families. These raised garden beds are designed to maintain nutrient-rich soil and stay productive during winter months. They are also easy to tend for those with limited mobility.

Donate a garden today.

Help End Global Hunger

The global food crisis is escalating. Food banks across the United States have seen a massive increase in demand, but the U.S. is not the only country that has felt the pain of hunger. Places like South Sudan, Guatemala, and the Philippines saw an increase in need because of COVID-19 effects, and now, the war in Ukraine is increasing food prices around the world and diminishing the supply of food staples like wheat, maize, and sunflower oil.

Today, upwards of 700 million people - more than double the entire population of the U.S. - are undernourished, the majority of them children. Complicated factors like poverty, conflict, and climate change all contribute to the increasing number of people who don't have enough food. [Help now]

Support the people of Ukraine

Your help is needed in Ukraine where there is great risk of suffering for those remaining within the country and for those fleeing to neighboring countries for safety.  CRS and its Caritas partners are ready to provide safe shelter, hot meals, hygiene supplies, fuel to keep warm, transport to safe areas, counseling support, and more. Read about the work being done and how you can help.

Children in Faith: Learning to Pray and Color with José

Teach your children or grandchildren to pray beautiful Catholic prayers while coloring and connecting with our Catholic faith. Download the free Catholic prayer book "Children in Faith: Learning to Pray and Color with José."