St. James students make sunflowers to show support for Ukraine

Students at St. James School in Biddeford showed their support for the people of Ukraine one petal at a time. The students cut out bright yellow petals, which were then glued together to form sunflowers, the national flower of Ukraine. The paper flowers were then displayed on classroom windows and throughout the school.

“The situation in Ukraine is not something that we have a lot of control over, and even though this was a small thing to do, students felt like they were doing something.  This small gesture seemed to help students and staff alike,” said Principal Nancy Naimey.

Students in all grade levels from pre-K to grade eight joined in making the sunflowers and in praying for peace in the world.

St. James School also held a weeklong donation drive in the month of March to support Catholic Relief Services, which is providing humanitarian aid to the many Ukrainian refugees. More than $1,650 was raised.