Children participate in May Crowning and Procession in Falmouth

Children at parishes across Maine are honoring Mary this month with May crowning ceremonies.

Among those participating is the Parish of the Holy Eucharist in Falmouth. On Sunday, May 7, during the 10:30 a.m. Mass at Holy Martyrs of North America Church, children from the Youth Schola sang, and then, at the Mass’s conclusion, a statue of Mary was carried to the front of the church, where it was blessed by Father Paul Marquis, parochial vicar of the parish. The children then placed a crown of flowers on Mary's head and red carnations at her feet.

“She is the Mother of God,” explained Kiersten, who crowned the statue.

“It was pretty nice to do it for Mary, because it’s showing we appreciate her,” said 10-year-old Abbie, who both sang in the choir and participated in the crowning.

After the statue was crowned, it was carried in procession down the center aisle of the church and then around the block, while parishioners and members of the Youth Scala sang Marian hymns including “Hail, Holy Queen,” “Ave Maria Stella,” and “Immaculate Mary.”

Abbie said she and members of the Youth Schola have been practicing about a month to sing at the Mass, which included chant in Latin, something Abbie said wasn’t that hard to learn.

“It was pretty fun. It’s learning a new kind of language,” she said.

Crowning ceremonies are often held in May because it is a month dedicated to the Blessed Mother. Additional May crowning ceremonies as well as Rosary gatherings are planned for the weekend of May 13 and 14. You will find a list in the Month of Mary section at

Carrying statue of Mary
Father Paul Marquis and statue of Mary
Father Paul Marquis blesses statue of Mary
Outdoor procession
Youth Schola
Outdoor procession