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Missions/CRS Office

Mission Cooperative Plan

Each summer, the Diocese of Portland participates in the Mission Cooperative Plan (MCP), through which deserving missionary groups have the opportunity to come to Maine to share information about the important work that they're doing and to seek support for that work. The Missions Office in the Diocese of Portland Maine receives hundreds of requests each year from mission groups and religous organizations, but unfortunately, we are only able to invite about 30 missionary groups to do appeals every summer. The Diocesan Missions Office selects mission groups that are authentic witnesses to the love of Christ and to the magisterium of the holy Catholic Church.

We hope their visits will enliven the understanding of parishioners as they relate the work being done around the world in Christ's name. We pray that the faithful will embrace the missionaries and their blessed work and provide both hospitality and assistance. Through the MCP, you can make donations to directly assist missionaries in their efforts to evangelize, form holy vocations, build congregations, and propagate the faith in countries around the world.

“There is no place for selfishness and no place for fear! Do not be afraid, then, when love makes demands. Do not be afraid when love requires sacrifice," Saint John Paul II said. “To the whole Church is addressed Christ's соmmаnd: ‘Gо оut tо the whole world; proclaim the Good News to all creation’ (Mk 16:15). The whole Church, therefore, is missionary and evangelizing; she lives constantly in a state of mission. To be Christians means to be missionaries, to be apostles. It is not enough to discover Christ - you must bring Him to others!” 

World Mission Rosary

As we especially reflect upon the Sorrowful Mysteries this Lent, join in praying a rosary for missionaries all over the world and those they serve.  Each color of the World Mission Rosary represents a different region, from the rich greens of Africa to the yellow of the rising sun in the Far East.  Free rosaries are available to all. Contact the Office of Missions for more information. Learn more.

Mass Cards and Enrollment

We offer many ways to honor your loved ones.  They include enrollment in the Society for the Propagation of the Faith for individuals and families, as well as Masses of remembrance.   Masses will be said for your loved ones by missionaries around the world.

For more information, contact the Office of Missions.

Learn more.


"It's not just charity. It's change."

A direct way to help missions around the world is through Missio, a connection with Pope Francis' missions around the world.

You can choose the project to which you would like to contribute, whether it's assisting religious sisters as they combat COVID-19 in Kenya, supporting a children's village in El Salvador, or growing a parish farm in the Philippines. Learn more and Donate today.

CRS Downloadable Prayer Book

Join together in prayer with this downloadable prayer book from Catholic Relief Services. It includes some of the basic prayers of the Catholic Church, such as the Our Father, Hail Mary, and the Nicene Creed, accompanied by images of our brothers and sisters around the world.


Contact Us:

Office of Missions / CRS
Ms. Yvonne Borelli-Chace, Director
510 Ocean Avenue, Portland, ME 04103
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