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Echoing God’s Word

Reflections on the readings from the Lectionary by Rev. Clement D. Thibodeau (1932-2017)

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Twelth Sunday of Ordinary Time - June 20, 2021
Job 38: 1, 8-11 
2 Corinthians 5:14-17 
Mark 4:35-41 
Psalm 107: 23-36, 28-31 
Even the waves of the sea are subject to God.
Created anew in Christ we need to live in love.
Jesus has the power to calm the storm.
God is present to save us. 
Thirteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time -  June 27, 2021
Wisdom 1:13-15; 2:23-24 
2 Corinthians 8:7, 9, 13-15 
Mark 5:21-43 
Psalm 30: 2, 4-6, 11-13 
How come there is evil in God’s world? 
Our stewardship model is Christ. 
Jesus has power over life and death.
God hears the cry of those in need. 
Fourteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time - July 4, 2021
Ezekiel 2:2-5 
2 Corinthians 12:7-10 
Mark 6:1-6
Let us not be obstinate of heart.
In our weakness only God is powerful
Jesus is rejected even by his own.
Fifteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time - July 11, 2021
Amos 7:12-15 
Ephesians 1:3-14 
Mark 6:7-13
The prophet is called by God, not by Israel’s rulers.
God chose us to share with Christ in redemption.
Jesus sends the Twelve to share in his ministry.
Sixteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time - July 18, 2021
Jeremiah 23:1-6 
Ephesians 2:13-18 
Mark 6:30-34 
Psalm 23 
God will gather people as shepherds gather their sheep.
In Christ, Jews and Gentiles are reconciled in peace.
People with no leader find one in the Good Shepherd.
God is faithful as our Shepherd. 
Seventeenth Sunday of Ordinary Time - July 25, 2021
2 Kings 4:42-44 
Ephesians 4:1-6 
John 6:1-15 
Psalm: 145
Give it to the people and let them eat.
There is one body and one spirit.
There is a boy here with five barley loves and two fish.
You open your hand to feed us, Lord.
Eighteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time - August 1, 2021
Exodus: 16:2-4,12-15 
Ephesians 4:17, 20-24 
John 6:24-35 
Psalm 78:3-4,23-25,54
God feeds the people with quail and manna. 
Put away the old ways now that you are in Christ.
Jesus is the Bread of Life.
God has always provided for the people.
Nineteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time - August 8, 2021
1 Kings 19:4-8 
Ephesians 4:30-5:2 
John 6:41-51 
Elijah is strengthened by God’s food.
Walk in Love, just as Christ did.
Christ is the Living Bread that came from heaven. 
Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - August 15, 2021
Revelation 11:19-12:1-6,10 
1 Corinthians 15:20-27 
Luke 1:39-56 
A woman clothed with the sun.
Christ, the first to rise
He has raised up the lowly. 
Twenty-first Sunday of Ordinary Time - August 22, 2021
Joshua 24: 1-2, 15-18 
Ephesians 5:21-32 
John 6:60-69 
We will serve the Lord who is our God
Marriage is a great “mystery.”
Jesus alone has the words of eternal life.
Twenty-second Sunday of Ordinary Time - August 29, 2021
Deuteronomy 4:1-2, 6-8 
James 1:17-18, 21-22, 27 
Mark 7:1-8, 14-15, 21-23 
Keep God’s word; add nothing to it.
Do the word you speak
God’s commandments come before all others.
Twenty-third Sunday of Ordinary Time - September 5, 2021
Isaiah 35:4-7 
James 2:1-5 
Mark 7:31-37 
The deaf shall hear and the mute will speak.
The poor have been chosen to inherit the kingdom.
Jesus opened the ears of the deaf.
Twenty-fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time - September 12, 2021
Isaiah 50:4-9 
James 2:14-18 
Mark 8: 27-35
The Servant of the Lord will face suffering with confidence.
We witness to what we believe by the way we live.
Jesus identifies the Messiah as one who will suffer and die.
Twenty-fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time - September 19, 2021
Wisdom 2:17-20 
James 3:16-4:3 
Mark 9:30-37 
Those who depend on God are opposed.
Quarreling comes from selfishness.
Looking for privileges: not part of God’s kingdom.
Twenty-sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time - September 26, 2021
Numbers 11:25-29 
James 5:1-6 
Mark 9:38-48 
God chooses 70 elders to share leadership with Moses.
Fraud and greed will be punished.
All who do good in the name of Jesus are his disciples. 
Twenty-seventh Sunday of Ordinary Time - October 3, 2021
Genesis 2:18-24 
Hebrews 2:9-11 
Mark 10:2-16 
God makes creation complete in creating women.
Jesus shares our entire humanity, even death.
Jesus restores God’s creation also in marriage.
Twenty-eighth Sunday of Ordinary Time - October 10, 2021
Wisdom 7:7-11 
Hebrews 4:12-13 
Mark 10:17-30 
Psalm 90: 12-17
Wisdom is God’s greatest gift.
Christians are tested as were the Israelites.
Discipleship requires a total commitment. 
Prayer for God’s compassion.
Twenty-ninth Sunday of Ordinary Time - October 17, 2021
Isaiah 53:10-11 
Hebrews 4:14-16 
Mark 10:35-45 
Psalm 33:4-5,18-20,22 
The Suffering Servant takes our pain upon himself.
The new High Priest shares our human condition.
Disciples must put away personal ambition.
God watches over us with love.
Thirtieth Sunday of Ordinary Time - October 25, 2021
Jeremiah 31:7-9 53:10-11 
Hebrews 5:1-6 
Mark 10:46-52 
God promises to restore that which God has made.
The priesthood of Christ is not limited by time.
Jesus does the work of God: Restoring creation.
Thirty-first Sunday of Ordinary Time - October 31, 2021
Deuteronomy 6:2-6 
Hebrews 7:23-28 
Mark 12:28-34
The Lord is One; That One calls us to love.
The priesthood of Christ is not limited by time.
Jesus teaches the Law of Love.
Thirty-second Sunday of Ordinary Time - November 7, 2021
1 Kings 17:10-16        
Hebrews 9:24-28        
Mark 12:38-44        
Psalm 146: 7-10    
God cares for the widow through the ministry of Elijah.
Christ will save those who wait for his return.
Jesus praises the humble woman who gave all she had.
God stands by those who have no one to defend them.
Thirty-third Sunday of Ordinary Time - November 14, 2021
Daniel 12:1-3 
Hebrews 10:11-14,18 
Mark 13:24-32 
Psalm 16:5, 8-10 
Our names are in the Book of Life.
His enemies will be subdued.
He will return with power and glory.
They will live in light and joy.
Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe - November 21, 2021
Daniel 7:13-14 
Revelation 1:5-8 
John 18:33-37 
Psalm 93:1-2,5 
One Like a Human Being is exalted above all.
Jesus Christ is one with the Lord of Hosts.
The title “king” is affirmed at the trial of Jesus.
A royal psalm acknowledges the universal reign of God.