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Bishop Deeley’s Message for Priesthood Sunday

Priesthood Sunday is held annually on the last Sunday of September. It is a special day set aside to honor our priests. It gives me as well an opportunity to speak my gratitude to the priests who serve so generously in the Diocese of Portland. Daily they bring the person of Jesus to the people they serve. It is an awesome responsibility, a wonderful grace, and a great ministry I am privileged to share with them. On this Sunday, share a kind word of thanks with them.

We are a Church that draws its life and strength from the Eucharist. This celebration of priesthood also reminds us all that we need priests to make that possible. We need to pray for vocations. We also need to engage young people in conversation about what the Lord might be calling them to do with their lives. When we see young people who show signs of love for the Eucharist and a desire to serve others, we can invite them to pray about what God could be telling them to do with their lives. In helping our young people realize their particular call, we might also ask God to assist us in living better the call he has given us so that we might better serve him by the example of our lives. On this and every day, we ask the Lord Jesus to strengthen us in our common mission of bringing the Gospel of Joy to the world in which we live.