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Seminarian Information Page

We realize that there are many different commitments seminarians need to juggle during their time in formation.  Please be attentive to the following dates.  If there are others that should be added, let the Director of Seminarians know.
Important Dates and Commitments
Please contact the Fr. Daniel Greenleaf, Director of Seminarians, if you cannot attend any of these required events
August 6, 2017: Standard Summer Assignments End Following Last Parish Mass
August 6, 2017: Mass and Altar Server Festival (St. Mary of the Assumption Church in Augusta at 2:00pm) (Optional; Informal)
August 8, 2017: Seminarian Chancery and Barbecue (Time and Location TBD) (Required; Formal)
September 16, 2017: Permanent Diaconate Ordination (Cathedral at 10:00am) (Optional; Formal)
October 8, 2017: Patrick Finn Ordination to the Diaconate (Cathedral at 10:00am, pending Call to Orders) (Required; Formal)
October 18, 2017: Dinner with the Bishop for Boston-area seminarians (Time and place TBD) (Requird for Boston-area seminarians; Business Casual)
November 18, 2017: Anthony Cipolle Ordination to the Priesthood (Cathedral at 10:00 am, pending Call to Orders) (Required; Formal)
December 22, 2017: Candidacy for Alex Boucher, followed by Vocation Gathering (Cathedral at 5:00 pm) (Candidacy Required, Vocation Gathering Optional; Formal)
December 25, 2017: Bishop's Christmas Masses (Cathedral at 12 Midnight and 10:00am) (Optional; Formal)
Seminarian Christmas Gathering​ (Date, Time and Location TBD (Required; Business Casual)
Dress Code

a.       While in seminary, seminarians are expected to follow the dress code policies of that particular seminary.


b.       Formal - While in the diocese, formal dress is as follows:

                                                   i.      All seminarians in Theology are to wear clerical clothing while in pastoral and liturgical settings.

                                                 ii.      All seminarians yet to begin first Theology are to wear a dark suit, white shirt and dark tie.  This includes the summer before one                               enters first Theology.


c.       Casual - While in the diocese, the casual dress is button down shirt or polo shirt and khakis or dress pants.

d.       Informal - While in the diocese, informal includes the description stated for casual with the option for jeans, shorts and t-shirts.

e.       Non-ordained seminarians are to avoid wearing clerical clothing in non-pastoral and non-ordained settings.



     Diocesan Pastoral Placement Evaluation Form - Seminarian Form
     Diocesan Pastoral Placement Evaluation Form - Supervisor Form