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Campus Ministry at University of New England

Franciscan Faithful 

The members of the Franciscan Faithful carpool to Mass at St. Joseph's Church in Biddeford most weeks and attend Mass together at the nearby St. Joseph's Convent about once a month.  In addition to the Masses, the group meets as a Catholic community for prayer, fellowship, and dinner weekly, participates in service projects, and often carpools to monthly "Theology on Tap" events and Eucharistic Adoration hours with some group prayer and music mixed in with silence.

One of the most popular campus ministry programs is the St. Joseph's Buddy Program (affectionately known by the students as, "Nun Buddies").  Students who choose to participate are paired with a "buddy" religious sister at St. Joseph's Convent, which is about five minutes from campus.  The students visit the convent as their schedule allows and do small acts of service for the sisters (some help write letters, some take sisters who are in wheelchairs out on walks, etc.), build friendships with the sisters and learn from their incredible stories and wisdom, and share prayer intentions with the sisters so that the students pray for the sisters and vice versa.

Finally, we participate in two annual statewide campus ministry retreats This winter, we will be traveling to Texas for the Fellowship of Catholic University Students' (FOCUS) retreat for Catholic students from all over the US!

Students attending the Portland campus of the University of New England, please visit the USM Campus Ministry page for information.

For more information:

Please contact your campus minister, Joy ( or one of the club’s co-presidents, Chloe ( or Rebecca (