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Bishop Deeley's Christmas Message

Bishop Robert P. Deeley's Christmas Message

Merry Christmas! At this beautiful feast, we celebrate God’s gift to us of his son, Jesus. It is a gift of love, one we are called to bring into the world. Jesus came among us to save us. He shows us a way to live. Even in taking on our human nature he shows us our own worth. He reminds us that we should look on each other with the same love he shows us. We often think that Christmas is a child’s feast. It is. It is for the child within each of us, the part of us that takes joy in the wonder of life. Our world needs the message of Jesus, its wonder, its joy, and its hope. We need it at Christmas, but it cannot be contained to one day. Christmas calls us to live in its message of gift. 

Live the true meaning of Christmas, then, throughout the year by carrying His love into the world. Look at the people you meet. See that Jesus is with them. Give thanks for the gift we are to each other. Our world needs the message of Jesus, his love, his forgiveness, his mercy, his care. Live in the wonder of the gift of Christmas: each of us is loved by God. The power of this gift to transform our world is our hope.

I pray that Christmas for each of us is a joyful moment to hear the Good News once again, God is with us. May we welcome him again with hope. And may all of you, your family, and your friends have a wonderful and blessed Christmas.