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Bishop Deeley's Christmas Message

Bishop Robert P. Deeley's Christmas Message

Merry Christmas! At this joyful feast of Christmas, we are reminded of God’s abundant love for us in Jesus, the light of the world. In his coming among us, Jesus, in his mercy, reconciled humankind with God. By his very life, Jesus shows us that God wants his love to spread to the world.

Pope Francis has given us a special gift this Christmas with the inauguration of the Jubilee Year of Mercy, inspiring us to remember that our loving Father looks upon us with mercy each day. Jesus was sent among us to deliver that message and to help us be instruments of mercy for others. May we always extend kindness, restore hope, and offer mercy to those in need.

Two thousand years ago, God spread the light of Jesus upon the world. He is with us always. When we are united with God through Christ, we are genuinely at home for Christmas.

May you have a blessed Christmas season, and may you and your family experience God’s boundless love and mercy in the year ahead.